Off-Road / Heavy Vehicle


Construction equipment is the most demanding application for operator controls. DeltaTech Controls has emerged as the global leader in joysticks, multifunction grips, footpedals and control systems for construction equipment by integrating our advanced, proven technology into extremely robust designs.

DeltaTech Controls makes construction equipment more reliable, more efficient and more capable. Simplicity of operation also reduces your dependence on specially trained operators. From simple joystick controls and foot pedals to fully integrated armrest assemblies, all of DeltaTech Controls’ solutions are designed to increase your advantage in a highly competitive market.

DeltaTech Controls product offering includes:

Control Systems

  • Microcontroller based controls with embedded diagnostics simplify troubleshooting and increase reliability
  • Advanced vehicle controls, specific to your application
  • Meets strict product safety standards
  • Customised application firmware fine-tunes performance for specific applications

Foot Pedals

  • Rugged design for the most demanding of applications
  • Hall effect sensing technology, with two sensors for redundancy
  • IP67 rated with fully potted electronics
  • Ideal solution for high-end construction equipment designs


  • Provide the reliability and long life required in demanding environments
  • Combine Hall effect technology with high mechanical strength, flexibility and a unique sensing design for high performance under rigorous conditions
  • Designed to accommodate both standard and custom-designed multifunction grips (MFG)

Multifunction Grips

  • DeltaTech Controls’ Multifunction Grips combine discrete and proportional control functions in a form that is intuitively easy to operate
  • Ergonomic shape and operation make them ideal for mounting on hydraulic levers, electronic joysticks, pilot hydraulic joysticks, hydrostatic levers and more
  • Designed for a host of applications they are available in both standard versions and custom designs